Anki extension?

It would be great to have Anki export functionality with extension.


I agree. Integrating Anki with Craft would be a great advantage to other note applications. AnkiConnect is a plugin for Anki api and many of the applications are using it for Anki feature.

Let me check this Anki Docs and see what I can do with it :grinning:

This would be AMAZING. As a medical student, I rely heavily on Anki for school. I know that I (and many others) would love seamless integration with my primary note taking app.

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For me and many more I think Anki is as important as breakfast, maybe more. It would be nice to have some kind of export to Anki. Iā€™m not leaned towards the idea of a spaced repetition system within Craft, but being able to export some content to Anki would be nice.

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Spaced repetition is so important for me. This would be a killer feature