API version 0.0.4 is released

Major updates:

  • Added support for inserting the following block types: urlBlock , tableBlock , imageBlock , videoBlock , fileBlock , drawingBlock
  • Added support for updating existing blocks of the following block types: urlBlock , imageBlock , videoBlock , fileBlock , drawingBlock

Breaking change:

  • fillColor property in CraftTableCell has been moved inside the new style property

You can read the full Change Log here


I noticed that the fetch API was added to the documentation, but this feature only exists on the Mac side because the Web still has cross-domain issues, but the problem is that the Mac side doesn’t support log, so how should I see the return results from the request?

@viktorpali - Awesome!! I’ve been waiting for imageBlock! :partying_face:

But for some reason that Change Log link doesn’t work for me… could you re-add? Thanks!