craft.dataApi.getCurrentPage() returns last closed page


during testing I found a “bug” - to reproduce:

  • open at least two documents in tabs
  • open the extensions view whith an extension loaded where you want to call the craft.dataApi.getCurrentPage()
  • close the currently active tab and don’t do any clicks into the now visible note
  • when you run an action in the loaded extension which calls the craft.dataApi.getCurrentPage() it will use the recently closed note and not the visible one

Thanks for pointing this out - will fix!


addintionally this also happens when switching tabs.

Hi @balint can you estimate when a fix for this issue will be available? I experience it a lot especially when switching documents regularly - then my eXtensions works on the wrong document which is not very user-friendly and I can’t do anything about it.

Should be fixed in next release, sorry for the wait!

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