Craftcuts - a Craft eXtension for Shortcuts

Hi fellow Craft users :v:t4:

I just wanted to share my eXtension to integrate Shortcuts with Craft.

Today I released version 0.3 of Craftcuts in the repository here:

This enables a lot of possibilities to export blocks or import text into the current document with shortcuts.

There are already a few use cases in the repository and some Demo videos on YouTube.
If you have questions, other use cases or created a useful shortcut let me know :ok_hand:t3:

Here are the release notes:

v0.3 additional inputs with block changes

  • new: input option cancel and move tasks - this will cancel any open task in your current document and provide them as input to the shortcut (you can use this to move tasks from the todays note to tomorrows note with this Shortcut)
  • new: input option done tasks - will provide all done tasks from a document to the Shortcut
  • updated: multiple input template supports done tasks input - download here

v0.2 a lot more settings and Shortcut input options

  • new: configuration menu for added Shortcuts
  • new: selecting a display name for the Shortcut is now possible
  • new: configuration options to select the inputs provided to the Shortcut:
    • page title
    • selected blocks
    • open tasks
    • url blocks
    • all blocks
  • change: URL Blocks will now be exported as markdown urls and not include a link to the original block in Craft since this makes more sense

v0.1 initial release

  • new RUN Shortcuts from Craft

Update time for Craftcuts :timer_clock::v:t4:

My eXtension to integrate your Craft Contents with any App that supports Shortcuts got some new convenience features :raised_hands:t4:

:new: tab layout :paintbrush:

just like Craftist the new tab Lay-out divides the layout into Shortcuts and Info

:new: Info tab :information_source: with Version Check :white_check_mark:

The new info tab checks if the installed version is the latest available version and displays some informative text.
Thanks (again) to @dharam for the inspiration, help and permission here!

:new: editable Shortcut configurations :gear:

Every configured Shortcut can now be edited in place with the edit button on the right. No need to remove and add a Shortcut again when you made a false configuration or you want to change something

:new: movable Shortcuts :arrow_up_down:

You can now move the Shortcuts up and down in the edit menu - so you can manually sort your Shortcuts to your personal preference

:bug: validation fixes

in some edge cases the validation was not rejecting an unsupported configuration of input parameters for shortcuts - not anymore
Download :arrow_double_down: the new version from the Github repository and reinstall it in Craft

:warning: unfortunately you have to add the Shortcuts you already configured in Craftcuts again after the update (due to API limitations) :warning:

I hope you like these quality of life improvements :blush:

Let me know if you have additional usecases, compatible Shortcuts you’d like to share or issues with Craftcuts

Have a great day :wink:

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