Developer Update from Craft 📣

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We posted an update in the Slack community about the status of Craft eXtensions a little while back, but I realised that we hadn’t been transparent or good at communicating it here. If you’ve got any other questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out :blush:

Here’s what @viktorpali shared about a month ago:
"As you know, we started building Craft X to connect Craft with the tools you need in your workflow. Craft X means extending Craft’s capabilities to suit your needs as we never believed in a ‘one tool to rule them all’ concept.

Since the end of last year, when we released the first Developer Preview, we saw an amazing reaction from the Community. The first extensions that FlohGro or Dharam Kapila created showcased the true potential of Craft X, and our entire team was in awe to see such dedication early on. :raised_hands:
The goal of the Developer Preview was to share the very first iteration of Craft X with our developer community as soon as possible to maximize the potential learnings and make important decisions together rather just on our own.

The feedback from the developer community and the internal learnings proved invaluable - and we’ve been amazed by all the use cases developers have came up with! As a result, we now have a much stronger understanding of the following steps we need to take in order to make Craft X truly powerful.
The changes we need to make aren’t small - in many ways we need to go back to square one in order to be able to provide the API and performance that will be able to power the extensions our community is planning on building. This also means, that while we are re-architecting these areas in the upcoming months there won’t be any major updates around Craft X.

In the meantime we are here to support you and keep listening to your feedback!"

FlohGro’s extensions
Craftist - Todoist integration for Craft: GitHub - FlohGro-dev/Craftist: Todoist integration for Craft
Craftcuts - Shortcuts eXtension for Craft: GitHub - FlohGro-dev/Craftcuts: Craftcuts - a Shortcuts eXtension for Craft
Dharam Kapila’s extension
Sight Portal - helps exploring and searching in your Craft Documents - Craft Extensions

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