Extension for Google Docs

I use Craft for all my notes, but my work uses Google Docs. Whenever you copy and paste a bullet list out of Craft and into Google Docs it gets mangled as GDocs doesn’t accept Markdown formatting. Would it be relatively easy to make an eXtension to split out any bullet point formatting (and other) so it’s easy to copy it over and re-add bullets in GDocs? What about if there are multiple indent levels? Thanks!


My minimal request towards this direction would be to just preview google docs in the craft documents (very much like Slack does).

Didn’t google introduce md support in the meantime? Does this work for you now?


Possibly the wrong thread to put my request.

  1. As my company is on Google doc I tend to hand a lot of links to Google docs in my Craft documents.

    I would love to have a better preview of these docs (like the ones that are enabled in Slack)
  2. One thing that I would love is to copy text from Google Docs and keep the formatting in Craft (there is no markdown option export in Google Docs)