Extension for notes & comments

I’m planing to use Craft for all my notes, comments etc. On parallel I’m building centralized software to be able to monitor activities. So I’m wondering in few things:

  1. Is there an API to fetch/pull/subscribe on add/update/delete notes & comments (ideal case subscription) ?
  2. Is it possible to have global extension which uses user.id to travers though namespaces/docs for notes & comments instead of fetch every doc to get info ?
  3. In the case 2 items above is not supported yet - Is it possible to get shared link *id to fetch comments (wasn’t able to find) ?


Hey @ipavlyk,

Our Extensions were released as a Developer Preview. They are limited to working within a single document at the moment so I don’t think any of your use-cases above are possible right now.

I shared our most recent update about extensions here. We will continue to work on them and make them more robust, but there isn’t likely to be many updates in the near future at least.