Extension Store?

Hey y’all, Craft extensions are looking pretty cool already. I was wondering if there are any plans for a centralized place, like an extension store? I like being able to distribute them without going through a store but having a place where extensions are is nice for the end user. Thoughts?


I agree. Or just any one centralized place that people can distribute and users can search. Right now I don’t know exactly where to “look” for extensions.

I created an Awesome Craft list on Github to collect awesome extensions. If you don’t mind, I could add your extension to the list.

I will maintain the list till there’s an official craft extension store.


We will do this a bit later on - for now we want to focus all on our efforts on the developer experience, and as we near public release with Craft X will add a centralised place where everyone can share their extensions.

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I would have to second this idea as well. Being a developer/project manager for 28 years (now semi-retired) would like to develop extensions to be able to sell on a “store”.