Links to Daily Note Pages not working

I am trying to create a link to a Daily notes page in a text run. Using syntax like this:

  text: "2022-01-05", 
  link: {type:"dateLink", date: "2022-01-05" }

A link is created, but it doesn’t open to any page. Shows as underlined like an external link and doesn’t go anywhere.

Seems this will work on Mac, but not in iOS versions or iPad

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Hi @TfTHacker ,

thank you for the report, we will check this out!

“Seems this will work on Mac, but not in iOS versions or iPad”.
Can you please clarify this part? Does the above syntax work on Mac, but when synced to iPad it does not?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @TfTHacker

I’ve checked the daily note link creation with this code:

        const block = {
          id: "test",
          type: "textBlock",
          content: [
              text: "2022-01-05", 
              link: {type:"dateLink", date: "2022-01-05" }
          hasBlockDecoration: false,
          hasFocusDecoration: false,
          indentationLevel: 0,
          color: "text",
          listStyle: { type: "none" },
          subblocks: [],
          style: {
            fontStyle: "system",
            alignmentStyle: "left",
            textStyle: "body"

        const response = await craft.dataApi.addBlocks([block]);

When the extension runs on Mac: the expected daily note link (badge) appears, that is tappable and opens the 5th Jan daily note (if it exists). When the content syncs to iOS, the badge behaves the same way as on macOS.

On Web, the daily note creation seems to be buggy, the link is created but it does not have content (will report to the team).