Native UI for craftx

I know some other native apps allowing custom js extensions allow native render of supported elements, like

Raycast uses React for its user interface declaration and renders the supported elements to our native UI. (User Interface - Raycast API)

It’ll be super cool for craft to implement a native UI library as well, although technically this is harder that the current solution. From a user’s perspective, seeing a slow webview inside of a “native app” is not really pleasant…

Raycast is simpler than craft in that it is desktop only, but using something similar to react native could potentially work.

Is this something the dev team is working on?


I was also wondering about this-- While I understand wanting to let developers design their own UI, letting each extension have its own design system is rather confusing. It also makes it harder in the long run for developers to support each platform (extensions will need to look different on a desktop compared to a phone)