Platform requirements

I am unable to activate craft extensions on my Mac. I get error about macOS version. I am on Catalina. I hope that generally craft will not require us to update to the newest version of macOS, including for features like extensions. There are various reasons why some of us are simply not able to do that and actually its one reason I am avoiding apple notes also.

In any case what is the requirement for using craft extensions now in developer preview?

The current requirement to use Craft X is Big Sur or above. This is not likely to change with the final release of Craft X. You will still be able to use it on Web though.

Apple Catalyst (the tech we use for our Mac app) was debuting with Catalina and it had quite big limitations which we sometimes can’t circumvent.

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That is unfortunate. In my case I have a few certain apps that don’t run in Big Sur yet and they are mission critical for me so Catalina is where I have to stay for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for the response