Readwise eXtension, please

Can’t wait for Readwise community eXtension/Readwise official eXtension.
I only can post this link here, shame.


  1. For now I think obsidian plugin is a good example. You pull all your highlights to Craft. If your highlights are updated on Readwise end, you can run “Delete and reload” action to make the highlights updated.
  2. If notes has something like ‘[[Test]]’, I hope craft can create a new page for ‘Test’ and make reference to this page. If you already has a page named ‘Test’, just make reference to this ‘Test’ page , no need to create a new one.
  3. More needs.
    How about extracting highlight or bold lines in Craft page and uploading to Readwise server?
    How about random showing 5-10 highlights in Craft right sidebar to review?
  4. More advance.
    Download highlights from Readwise to Craft. Then you can edit highlights in craft and it will sync to Readwise server automatically. Or when updating highlights in Readwise server and it automatically sync to Craft.
    In short, Readwise has a unique ID for every highlight and make it sync with Craft block.

For now, a basic one is enough, download highlights to Craft automatically.

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Caveat - not a developer - but interested in that world. Love Craft. Love Readwise.

How do you see these two worlds connecting?

Readwise is a super cool service I’ve been looking at more and more — thanks for sharing! As @Fractals alluded to, can you elaborate a bit more? Giving an idea of what you want your experience to look like would be super helpful.

A few example questions: Do you want 5 random quotes pulled for you? Do you want to record your progress from Readwise automatically? Do you want to replace it altogether? Do you want to upload Craft blocks as highlights?

If you can try to succinctly cover your use case, it makes it a lot easier for someone to create the extension you’re looking for (or explain the feasibility constraints).

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks for your opinion. It should be better to elaborate my needs. I update my post.

The readwise API is clearly documented here:

The first step in building a Readwise connection extension would be defining what people want to send from Craft to Readwise and receive in Craft from there. A proof of concept might just fetch the 5 most recent highlights from Readwise and put them into the current document. That’s definitely possible but unless people are very clear about what a Readwise extension should do, you could end up trying to build a complete Readwise app as a Craft extension!


could end up trying to build a complete Readwise app as a Craft extension!

I am working on a plugin and hope to release today a v1 alpha


Ok, more info here:


Woww. You are so amazing. Thanks for your magic to offer readwise highlights a new home!

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