Regarding Shortcuts (German Keyboard)

Hello Crafties,

I use the German keyboard and I noticed two points.

  1. The hotkey for the Card Layout doesn’t work - I don’t know if it’s been like that for a while, but I noticed it today and it doesn’t work with the Stream Deck either.
  2. The second point relates to the different keyboard layout. We don’t have | on our keyboard - we do slash-7 - you get used to it, even if it seems a bit impractical the first few times. The pipe that is needed for the focus is beyond any labelling. This is something for geeks, option+7, which turns the focus layout into a trick key combination. :slight_smile:
    → cmd+option+shift+7

Just wanted to direct you to the right place. I just had another look at the US keyboard, you seem to be comfortable there, I’m thinking about getting one of those. But maybe that’s also something for your Key Executive Officer?

Greetings from the land of the paranoid,

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Hello again.
The card layout turned out to be a false alarm. Another app controls the hotkeys (for me) and apparently has the right of way. Sorry for that.
And keep on coding in the free world.