[Request] Craft Web Clipper

This has been showcased/asked before last year but I would like to ask for it again, I would love to have a web clipper similar to the chrome extension “Save to Notion” (I believe this web clipper is superior to notion’s web clipper).


I would like to have one too.

Maybe this is sufficient for you (currently iOS / iPadOS only)

CraftClip - a Web Clip Shortcut for Craft.

I sat down to finally clean up a webclipper for Craft I used since a few days.
I’d like to share CraftClip with you :raised_hands:
This shortcut will create new documents in Craft for urls you share to it via the Share Sheet.
It will clip the content of articles if possible or just store the url if no article can be retrieved via Shortcuts.
Also I built some “special” features to clip the following link types:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Twitter links to Tweets or Threads
  • App Store Apps

If you have issues or further requests, let me know!
Download here:


Thanks, for now it’s better than nothing and I appreciate your work thank you very much, I’ll see if i use it but im gonna be honest, i dont really use craft too much (or if at all) on my phone and i dont own an ipad so we’ll see how it goes

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Yep, this is absolutely critical. This is the piece that is causing me not to use Craft. I am cross-platform so I need a solution for iPad, MacOS, and Windows preferably a chrome extension.

OP is correct Save to notion is much superior to notions clipper.
To me, Craft is useless without this.