[Request] Cut and reverse eXtension


I’m afraid I haven’t got the skills to implement this, but I’ve checked Crafts documentation and this may be possible.

I log everything in my Daily Notes, and link the items to the page where I may need the information.
eg. on Daily Note 2022-07-15

  • The sky was blue today [[Noticing Nature]]

So I can see that block in the backlinks of Noticing Nature.

After a while I often want to migrate the idea on the Daily Note to the other page’s body, so that I can work on it with other thoughts, arrange in a useful order, etc.

However I don’t want to lose the information about the context I noticed this in (ie. the Daily Note).

So what I would love to be able to do is select the block, and run an extension, that does the following

  1. Cut the selected block(s) to the clipboard
  2. Replaces the link as a link to the daily note it is on
  3. Then open the page (via the URL in the original link) so that the clipboard can be pasted in.

At this point the clipboard would contain:

  • The sky was blue today [[2022-07-15]]

So when pasted in I now have that text in the body of Noticing Nature, but on the daily note I can see the item in the back links list.

(As an aside if multiple continuous blocks are selected, the reversing of the link should only happen on the first line - on the assumption the children are “part” of it)

I am currently doing all this by hand, which works, but can be a bit fiddly.

It would be wonderful if someone with the skills thinks this is also a good idea and has a go at implementing it.

Thanks for all the other cool extensions people have built,