Request /Idea: Extension that loads all external images into craft

In my experience, its kind of messy/unpredictable how images that are put/dragged/loaded into craft documents are stored. Its hard to tell if they are stored on crafts servers or still loaded from the external source, mostly its the ladder. Since I use craft to archive stuff in want to find back later, I don’t want images to remain on other servers, I want them to be saved in my space. Could someone create a script that loads all images within a document and replaces the ones that are linked to servers with a upload on the craft server? If this could be done for a whole folder or a number of selected documents at once, that would be a huge benefit.
I hope someone finds this useful or wants to create it anyhow :slight_smile:

Currently Images are read only, so this is not possible. Likely in January functionality like this should be possible. Also - can you let us know a case where inserted images aren’t uploaded to Craft? This should be the case in - almost - all cases?