REQUEST / IDEA: Move uncompleted todos in a document to tomorrow’s daily note

Background - I put all my todos in my daily note. I go in at the end of the day, delete anything no longer relevant, and manually cut and paste the rest into tomorrows daily note. The manual process is a bit kludgy.


:star_struck: need the same! Got the same workflow right now. It works, but it’d be much much easier with a extensions.

But if possible: move everything (!) but the completed tasks!

Reason is, I got a structure for different areas of to dos, so if just moving uncompleted tasks, the heading, timetables, etc inside the note wouldn’t.

Would this work for your need aswell jarunmb?

Yes, I would love this as well!

Hey folks, I’ve got a basic version of this here: Get yesterday's note - #9 by trugschluss

I’ll make some improvements tomorrow and share.

It’s not completely automated as we still need some additional APIs get the previous day’s note, but it’s a start and can be used to easily copy/filter/paste to elsewhere in Craft too.

Unfortunately no. I use my daily notes like a bullet journal, so I have detailed notes for meetings and project work, with page links back to my project documents for future reference. So copying everything would require me to go back and delete all my notes from the previous day.

I was just looking for a way to quickly move any uncompleted tasks the next day. My todos could be scattered throughout the daily note, not in one are (like the top), so they are not easily selectable, cut, then pasted to tomorrow’s note.

Good afternoon. I would like the same. I am currently using Todoist but my “task” tracking needs are not all that complex. Would like to have a little more ability for dealing with tasks in Craft (very similar to what you have done). Just forwarding the uncompleted tasks to tomorrow is a big step.

Would like to consolidate these into Craft. Not about the subscription cost but about the convenience of using 1 app.