Third party OAuth support?

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Many advanced API need take OAuth Authentication. like todoist sync API:

  1. register third party app in todoist, and provide a redirect uri
  2. OAuth procedure get token

Those things should not doing by extension. For example, the drafts provide a Todoist API Wrapper: Using Todoist with Drafts - Integration Guides - Drafts Community, Todoist | Drafts Script Reference

So, please consider add some abstract for OAuth && OAuth credential storage. Provide Todoist API is don’t necessary, just only take user to OAuth, storage token in a storage, and provide token to extension

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Right now, I am blocked in building my application because at very minimum I need to be able to specific callback URLs (for both dev and production) from my OAuth providers. It would be nice to be able to configure these in the manifest.

Native support for OAuth flows are fundamental.