Todoist Extension?

I use Todoist and would love some sort of integration with Craft and Todoist (even just sending tasks created in Craft to a designated Todoist list). Is this possible with Craft’s new extension capability? I know Todoist has an API, but I am not a developer! Is this a matter of copying what was done for Things3 and modifying it for Todoist?

Clearly, I might have no idea what I am talking about but am eager to see what can be done with Craft’s new extension capability!


I want to make a todoist extension.

But currently craft xExtension not support sync, so the extension’s basic feature is:

  1. pull today tasks to current page
  2. pull today tasks to today page?(I don’t know how to navigation to today page by API now)
  3. pull tasks with custom filters
  4. show pending pull tasks in extension panel with checkbox
  5. push craft current selection to todoist

both pull & push would take craft’s url or todoist’s url as comment

Do u have any other feature request?

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Currently working on a Todoist extension as well. Unfortunately, Todoist’s apps don’t support x-callback-urls very well, so I think the web API might be the only option. What that effectively means is that the extension would require an internet connection to work, rather than working natively.

There may be a way to get creative with Shortcuts and find a workaround.

Do you have a particular use case or workflow in mind? I can try to see if it’s aligned with what I have in progress or I can try to incorporate it in the future.

Awesome! Thank you! Biggest thing I want is a way to send any task I create in Craft to Todoist. I often create tasks in notes during meetings, but then I have to manually copy them over to todoist.

These features would be awesome for me. I don’t need sync, just the ability to send tasks from a Craft note into Todoist.

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Just played a little bit and was able to import all my projects with links into a document. My typescript skills are limited so this needs a little bit longer but great to see it works.

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  • connect selection to todoist inbox
  • show Today or Overdue Tasks Pane
    • complete task
    • duplicate task to current craft page
    • link to task
    • delete task

That’s awesome! I will download and try it when I get a chance.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! IT WORKS! I was able to select 6 check-boxes in my Craft document and send them right into my Todoist inbox. This is perfect and exactly what I have been hoping for!

Thanks for making my day :smiley:

Hi Todoist and Craft Fellows :slight_smile:

I’m just scratching the surface and since my html skills are bad it looks ugly, too BUT:
I prototyped an eXtension for Todoist which can

  • import projects from todoist with links to the project
  • import the todays tasks
  • and most interestingly: search and export todo items from the current page and add the relevant blocks to todoist. The added Tasks in Todoist and the block in Craft are cross linked afterwards!

See the small demo in this recording (you’ll see that there are actually two links to the todoist task - on the iPhone the “internal” todoist:// links work as expected but on the mac they don’t, that’s why I also added the web url to a task.

The code is far from finished and many things are hardcoded but its an easy demo whats possible with the APIs of Craft X :slight_smile:

If some of you are interested - I’ll see what I can do to extend the functionalities, (maybe) beautify it a little bit and realease it publicly.


I’d love this type of extension for Todoist

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