Way to detect if current page changes

Is there a way for us to detect if the user navigates to a different page? :slight_smile: I plan to show some details about the current page in my extension and would like it to update automatically on page navigation. Thanks!

Also, as a secondary question - I would also love to detect if the selected/focussed block changes.

Hi - No, currently there is no way to do this (planning to add later). For now you could query getCurrentPage every X seconds. On large pages this might have performance implications, on smaller ones it should be fine

Thanks. I will try this short polling approach for the time being.

On a related note, I also noticed that the getCurrentPage does not return the correct page when switching between tabs. We need to click into one of the blocks in the tab, and only then does it return that page. It would be great if this additional step is not needed.