Wrong render of markdown with Decoration focus and image question

  1. Decoration block ‘focus’ should be render as ‘blockquote’ but now the markdow API craftBlockToMarkdown(flavor is ‘common’) is ignore this block type and render as plain text.
  2. The URI of Image return by markdow API craftBlockToMarkdown is avaliable in every place, which may cause some problem, I hope there will be a site white list setting, only allow those site in the list to use the image in my document. this strategy can make the AWS cost of data traffic down, too.

Add my use case:

I make a extension to sync document with github repo, and i enable the github pages, so i can write the document and publish it use the extension.

The extension is: GitHub - craft-extension/craft-github-extension: 将当前 Craft 文档内容同步到 Github Pages and the i18n is developing… you can try it and feel free to send some feedback!

And more:

When switch between Space, the data that store by sotrageApi will lost even switch back.

Hi @Xheldon,

thank you for the reports! Regarding StorageAPI:

  1. What platform are you testing on? Web or App?
  2. What are the steps you are taking? (that leads to storage data loss)


Also, the Markdown API will be updated in subsequent releases of Craft X, along with a fix for your issue!

In Mac app latest version, I make some storage use extension then i switch to another Space, and then switch back, find that the storage data are lost.

@Xheldon We checked and could not reproduce the storage loss issue yet.

We are aware though about a race condition issue that will be improved on, in the next release: If the storage API is accessed in a very early stage of the extension life cycle, then the bridge between the native app and the extension might not be ready yet, hence storage data can not be retrieved.


The web and the mac client is install the same extension I mention above, the web client is work fine, and the mac client is not.

I try to reinstall the Mac app, noting changed. My system is monterey with the lastest Craft app.
More, even the User Inereface is not same between the web client and mac client with same extension…strange

@PeterWiesner You are right… I add an setTimeout when init the plugin, and everything work fine… I indeed use the interface to read the stored data at the beginning of the initialization